Eric Gaffney ‎– Uncharted Waters cd

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Eric Gaffney Cold Weather

-Eric Gaffney Twilight

-Eric Gaffney Leave Me Alone

-Eric Gaffney Gone Wrong

-Eric Gaffney Shark Attack

-Eric Gaffney Arcadia

-Eric Gaffney I Want A Woman

-Eric Gaffney Punk Rock Monkey

-Eric Gaffney Coiled

-Eric Gaffney Walked In Like A Byrd

-Eric Gaffney Puzzle Piece

-Eric Gaffney Someone Nice

-Eric Gaffney Colorform Viewfinder

-Eric Gaffney De-escalation

-Eric Gaffney Singing Iceberg

-Eric Gaffney Under The Influence Of X + Minutemen

-Eric Gaffney Too Bad Luck

-Eric Gaffney Gold Trimmed Hat (Pro Brush finale)

-Eric Gaffney In Line

-Eric Gaffney Flash Flood Advisory

-Eric Gaffney Baker Street

-Eric Gaffney Time Zones

-Eric Gaffney Nights Are Forever

-Eric Gaffney Locket Love

-Eric Gaffney Stampede Caribou Recipe

-Paws On, Paws Off L.A. Jogging Soundtrack

-Paws On, Paws Off Life Isn't Fun Anymore

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