Various ‎– Super Best Friends 2X12''

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A1 -Affordable Hybrid Hell Of My Dreams

A2 -Affordable Hybrid Step Out Of Blue

A3 -Affordable Hybrid Strangers

A4 -Affordable Hybrid The Prison Song

A5 -Affordable Hybrid Faces

A6 -Affordable Hybrid No Control

A7 -Affordable Hybrid Dirty Old Hands

A8 -Affordable Hybrid On A Train

B1 -Anti Poison Slammer Be Still

B2 -Anti Poison Slammer Empty Words

B3 -Anti Poison Slammer Fold The Curl

B4 -Anti Poison Slammer Frontpage

B5 -Anti Poison Slammer Micro

B6 -Anti Poison Slammer Pigs On Plates

C1 -Göttemia Baby Box

C2 -Göttemia Beach Hymn

C3 -Göttemia Disfunctional Boys

C4 -Göttemia We Come For Your Children

C5 -Göttemia Halden By Night

C6 -Göttemia Humanity Smells Like Poo

C7 -Göttemia Little Venus

C8 -Göttemia Idiots

C9 -Göttemia Piñata

C10 -Göttemia .PDFL

C11 -Göttemia Mongoloid

C12 -Göttemia Kill Kill Kill

C13 -Göttemia Ugly Guy From Ipanema (Gary No More)

D1 -Leaders Off Mari

D2 -Leaders Off Southern Girl

D3 -Leaders Off Giant Guitar

D4 -Leaders Off Same Old No

D5 -Leaders Off I Love You

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